What We Buy

All Star Sports will look at any collection that is brought in! We have an inventory of over three million cards, as well as “tons” of other cool and unique items. We love to keep on adding!
We love Vintage! We do not just buy only 40’s and 50’s stuff, so bring in any card(s)/collection that you have, and we would love to look through it. Unfortunately, we cannot buy every single item that walks through our door, but we always love to look! If it is something we do cannot purchase, we will let you know what you have, the retail value in today’s market, and the best way to sell.
Unfortunately, the vast majority of collectable cards from the 80’s/90's, do not carry much value. However, there are always small pockets of hidden cards from that era that have some merit. If most of your collection is from this era, it might not yield much value, but hey let’s find the hidden gem!
When we do make an offer on your collection, a lot of our decision making goes into condition, asking price, market value, and the type of item(s). With that being said, feel free to bring your cards/collection to our shop!!
If your collection is too large to bring in, please call and schedule an appointment for us to come out, and look at your collection! A $25/hour fee will be charged, but if we purchase your collection it will be waved :)
Time to get paid for your collection!
We are sorry, buy at this time, we do not except mail in items. This is something that we will implement in the near future, so please keep an eye out. 
Below are examples of what we buy:
Sports Card Singles / Factory sealed
Pokémon Card Singles / Factory Sealed
Magic Card Singles / Factory Sealed
Non-Sport Card Singles / Factory Sealed
All types of memorabilia
Sealed retired lego sets
Vintage Toys
and possibly more! :)