Grading Submissions


What is Grading?
A potential good investment for your sports cards is to have them graded. But if you are new to card grading, it can be a bit overwhelming. Grading companies began their services in the 1990’s.  A lot of different grading companies have come and gone, but three are still around today that are considered the most reputable: Beckett Grading Services (BGS), Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA), and Sportscard Guarantee (SGC).  PSA is located in California, BGS in Texas, and SGC in Florida.  So in order for you to have your cards graded, you have to mail them to one of the companies for review. WE DO NOT GRADE CARDS ON-SITE IN OUR STORE.  We do however submit orders for customers on a regular basis to PSA. For more information, please click on the PSA forms above.
How do the companies grade the cards?

Cards are graded based on categories: Centering, Surface, Etc.  Each card is graded on an overall 1 - 10 point scale.
What cards should I grade?

The answer to this question can vary for a lot of people.  Some people like to have their personal collection graded so they are protected, and match the rest of their collection. Those of you that are looking to add value for resale, grading opens a world of possibilities. It is best to do your research before submitting your cards for grading.
What is our All Star inspection service (optional)?

For $5 per card, we will conduct a 4-point inspection of your card. If you are looking for a retail value increase by grading, this service can benefit you. Although we are not the ones assigning the grades, we will let you know if we feel the card shouldn’t be graded, because of numerous defects that we might detect when we inspect your card through our 4-point inspection process.

This service will also prep your card(s) for the requirements that PSA desires including:

  • Magnification analysis
  • LED light glare for scratches and surface flaws
  • Grid centering measurement
  • A new semi-rigid
  • A new penny sleeve
  • Proper pull tab placement