2024 Topps Heritage Baseball Mini Box

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  • 2024 Topps Heritage Baseball Mini Box - Online Exclusive Hobby Box
  • 2024 Topps Heritage Baseball Mini - Elly De La Cruz Rookie Autograph
  • 2024 Topps Heritage Baseball Mini - Jasson Dominguez Rookie Autograph
  • 2024 Topps Heritage Baseball Mini - Shohei Ohtani Autograph
  • 2024 Topps Heritage Baseball Mini - Ronald Acuna Autograph
  • 2024 Topps Heritage Baseball Mini - Johnny Bench
  • 2024 Topps Heritage Baseball Mini - George Brett Autograph


2024 Topps Heritage Baseball Mini Box


Explore the 2024 Topps Heritage Baseball collection, taking a nostalgic leap back to 1975, merging modernity with classic charm. Each pack is a potential treasure trove, offering on-card autographs, relics, chrome cards, base variations, and more!

The extensive Base Set showcases a 500-card ensemble spotlighting MVPs, League Leaders, season highlights, and coveted short prints. Keep an eye out for the exclusive Low-Numbered Short Prints (#1-100), dropping at an impressive rate of 1:3 packs.

Dive into the realm of Base Card Parallels, including the sought-after Red Bordered variant, exclusively found in Target Giant Boxes. Uncover Base Card Variations like Black and White Images, White Bordered, Color Swap, Throwback Uniforms, and Nickname Variations. Don't miss the shimmering allure of Base Card Chrome Variations.

Exclusive to Monster Boxes, discover the glimmering Blue Sparkle variant, or pursue numbered editions like Refractor (#’d to 575), Silver (#’d to 375), Black (#’d to 75), and the elusive Superfractor (#’d 1 of 1).

Introducing the NEW 1975 Topps Baseball Sensations, paying homage to the iconic Bay City Rollers set, available solely in retail stores. Secure limited editions like Gold Foilboard (Walmart Exclusive) and Platinum Foilboard (Target Exclusive), both constrained to 999 copies.

Embark on a journey of nostalgia with the NEW 1975 Topps Zoo’s Who Stick-Ons, featuring authentic images of mascots and player nicknames, available exclusively in retail. Snatch up the Blue (Walmart Exclusive) or Red (Target Exclusive) variants.

Immerse yourself in the limited 3D Lenticular version of the base card with the NEW 1975 Topps in 3D, showcasing a blend of legends and modern stars, exclusively in retail.

Encounter modern legends in New Age Performers cards, and delve into statistical comparisons with Then and Now cards. Relive historical events with News Flashbacks and Baseball Flashbacks.

Unearth iconic Real One Autographs, including the special edition signed in red ink. Emulate the 1975 design with 1975 Real One Autographs or acquire limited 1975 Topps Award Winners Buyback Autographs.

Indulge in Clubhouse Collection Autograph Relics, Flashback Autographed Relics, and Clubhouse Collection Relics featuring game-used uniform and bat pieces.

Seek out exclusive relics like 1975 U.S. Postage Stamp Relics, numbered to 50, and ultra-rare 1975 Baseball Cut Signatures and Celebrity Cut Signatures, both numbered 1 of 1.



  • 10 cards per pack.
  • 12 packs per box.

Look for 1 white bordered variation, 2 base card short prints, 2 insert cards, and 3 base card short printed parallels per box on average.

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